Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Destination: Romance-Jamaica, West Indies

Beautiful, tranquil, and colorful Jamaica is the gem of the Caribbean, offering a perfect trip to paradise. Much of Jamaica's extraordinary landscape is a gently rolling one with a pastoral serenity similiar to Ireland and New Zealand, but with decidely warmer weather. The reach of the island's green valleys and golden beaches sweeps upward into majestic, blue tinged mountain peaks, creating panoramic images of rare beauty. Caressing Caribbean breezes add a soft, cooling touch to its near perfect climate all year round. Outside of the cyclical rainy seasons in May and October, Jamaica is bathed in radiant sunshine with only occassional precipitation.

Richly blessed by Mother Nature, it's a spectular natural wonderland. The isle's rain forest environment is a natural home for strikingly beautiful species of plants, butterflies, and birds. A jungle hike brings visions of delicate hummingbirds, the country's national bird. The variety of birds hover near orchids and the abundant flowering trees. Jamaica has the world's third largest varieties of colorful orchids and graceful ferns. You'll enjoy the stunning features of the multifaceted environment and exotic landscape.
Romantic myths and legends attribute magical qualities to the isle's many waterfalls and mineral pools. These mineral springs have been measured and are found to be literally rejuvenating. Scientific evidence supports this claim based on the high negative ion counts which register in the atmosphere near waterfalls. These properties cause psychological and physiological health benefits. One might think this is the place that Ponce de Leon searched for considering its many effervescent "fountains of youth".

Make your magic moments last with photo highlights of your "Caribbean Dream" vacation. Head inland for captivating mountain vistas, especially enchanting at sunrise and dusk. Head out to sea for panoramic coastal views which are absolutely breathtaking at sunset. Take a waterproof camera, plunge into the Caribbean and enjoy Jamaica's marine life. Party all night at the weekly toga party held at Hedonism II. Create a visual travelog of the culture, history, landmarks, and charm of this perfect paradise. Bring home lasting memories of new friends and form an album full of sunny smiles. Capture the rhythmic stride and graceful carriage of the Jamaican people. Savor the Islanders' articulate command of the English language, lyrical speech pattern, and rich mellow vocal quality. Each is a joyful memory.

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