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Silverlady's Treasure Chest-Memorable Gifts

A treasure chest holds priceless articles for safekeeping. The contents could be glittering bright gold, sparkling dazzling jewels,or cool creamy pearls. Maybe the chest contains other great riches, e.g. precious artifacts or irreplaceable works of art. Each has tremendous value to the owner and usually requires a great deal of security to guard against theft.

My treasure chest is somewhat different. The articles are just as precious, just as priceless, and just as valuable to the owner. While these items do not need to be secured, they are nevertheless irreplaceable. My chest is filled with memories from books I've read. It holds the fiery passion of love, the stormy whirlwind of romance and the full panorama of human emotions. Tucked away within its confines are boisterous laughter, quiet tears, piercing glances and breathless moments. You'll find unforgettable characters facing life's most difficult challenges, the turmoil of their pain and emotional growth, and the sweet satisfaction of gaining the love of a lifetime. There are exotic places, far away lands, journeys to the future, and episodes from the past.

Endearing characters, gripping romances, and fast paced mysteries have taken me on many magical journeys. I'd like to share with you some of my favorite personal treasures.Welcome to my TREASURE CHEST. Enjoy!


The handsome hero is in hot pursuit of the spunky desirable heroine. Unfortunately, she decides to resist his advances, for a variety of reasons. What does he do? He finds just the right gift to melt her heart and make her his. Here are some unique, memorable gifts that open the doors to a closed heart.

(Reissued as The Mac Gregors-Alan~Grant)
All the Possiblities is part of the wonderful McGregor saga created by Nora Roberts, my favorite romance author. In this book, Shelley Campbell, a pottery shop owner, and Alan, a Senator and son of Daniel McGregor, meet at a D.C. party. Alan knows from the start Shelley's the one he wants, but Shelley needs some convincing. She's especially fearfully of his presidental ambitions, as her father had them and was assasinated. Shelby, the daughter of an assasinated politician, won't even risk dating him.

Initially, Alan sends her a basket of succulent strawberries to break the ice. He follows with a fuzzy creature with purple ears that Shelby winds up calling "MacGregor". She vows that this will be the only MacGregor she takes to her bed. Some bouyant, brightly colored balloons and a beautiful piece of glass, which resembles a rainbow, coupled with heated kisses and steamy intimacy crumbles the walls that Shelby had built around her heart.

The rest of the MacGregor clan is incorporated into the story, an ingrained part of Robert's style that adds to the overall warmness and displays the depth of family love. Read about how Alan and Shelley fall in love with each other and discover the magic of Nora Roberts.


Dr. Gwendolyn Blade is dedicated, talented, and beautiful. At her grandfather's suggestion, she agrees to help handsome author Bramson McGuire research the hospital scene for his new novel. Gwen has no time for frivolity and certainly no time for romance. Bramsom's immediate attraction to Gwen won't let him take no for an answer. He decides to take advantage of the Christmas season and sends her gifts for the twelve days of Christmas, begining with a partridge in a pear tree. If you haven't read the book, I won't spoil the anticipation of his unique gifts. If you've read it, I know you enjoyed the joy of discovering each meaningful trinket. The closing scene was a spectacular, magical moment for me as Bramsom offers himself to Gwen, as her family witnesses his pledge. Needless to say, Gwen is overwhelmed by the love she feels and Bramson captures her heart forever. This scene will stay with me always. Bramson McGuire is one of my top ten heroes, not for his good looking exterior, but for his sensitivity, his ability to cope with Gwen’s rejection, and his tenacity in overcoming it. A definite keeper!

This is the first novel in the Stanislaski series and wow...it's one of the best....This is the tale of Natasha...who fled New York to a small town in West Virginia to open a toy store after having her heart broken....and something else you will find out will shock you to tears!

Then there is Spence...a single father of a five year old girl and a brillant composer and music professor looking for a chance for the better in a small town....Spence...like Natasha has a past filled with hurt and lose....but they come together and become what each has waited their whole lives to find...a family...it's perfect....and a great beginning to an excellent series!

Natasha Stanislaski possesses the kind of exotic beauty that sets a man's soul on fire. Talented composer and music professor Spencer Kimble is captivated the moment he sees her, but Natasha won't give him the time of day. When Natasha finds herself enrolled in Spencer's music class, she firmly refuses his offers for a date. Natasha had mistakenly assumed that the woman with Spencer and his young daughter when they first visited her toy store was his wife. She is also battling demons from her past that make it difficult for her to trust and to allow emotional intimacy. When she discovers that the woman is Spencer's sister, the matter is cleared up, but Natasha sill retreats from him.

Undaunted, Spencer doggedly chips away at her defenses. His growing love for Natasha spills over in a beautiful musical composition that he writes for her. Thrilled that she has brought music back into his life, she recognizes her love for him. There are a few bumps ahead for these lovebirds, but they ultimately overcome every obstacle that threatens their love. You might shed a few tears but, you're sure to enjoy every minute of their journey.

BORN IN FIRE, Nora Roberts

Free spirited, unpredictable Margaret Mary Concannon is as fiery and beautiful as the glass creations she creates. When Maggie meets art lover and entrepeneur Rogan Sweeney, she meets her match. He's cool, collected, organized and determined to present Maggie's art to the world through his museums. In the course of their developing relationship, Rogan gives Maggie beautiful unique jewelry which captures her fiery spirit. Also, he send his private jet for her sister Brianna to join Maggie at the art show. In addition to providing her clothing for the affair, Rogan includes a string of cool, creamy pearls that mirror Brianna's personality and style.

 Rogan Sweeney is one of my favorite heroes because of his thoughtfulness and sensitivity. How can you help but love a guy who wants to "show you Paris" followed by a "vacation at his villa on the Mediterranean". He's no pushover though. I loved the way he tames Maggie and reveled in his tenderness, patience and understanding. Rogan Sweeney is one of my all-time favorite heroes.


There are nine novels in the "In Death" series. Set in the future, they tell the story of the exploits of police lieutenant Eve Dallas and her lover and husband Roarke. Naturally, Eve is tough and unyielding, but rich and infamous Roarke is just what the doctor ordered to mellow her and open her softer side. His insight into her needs and the certainity with which he attends to them make him one of my favorite male characters.

He plies her with "real" coffee, dresses her in slinky silk lingere and tend her wounds when she's been roughed up during a case. He takes her "off planet" for dinner or a get-a-way weekend. When he gives her a necklace of delicate pearls, she melts and allows herself to nuture her feminine wiles. Throughout the series, you'll find her using the necklace to garner her strength and a sense of security. She even takes the ribbing from her co-workers in stride, knowing the significance of the necklace. The intimate linkage between the couple and their understanding of one another reflects itself in their heated quarrels and tender reconciliations.


“Little” Billy Montgomery has loved the same girl all of his life. She’s an older woman, his former baby sitter! William Montgomery, rich, sensitive and determined, lays his plan to capture the heart of his true love, Jackie O’Neil. While William is steadfast, loyal, and unwavering, Jackie is unsure, hesitant and reluctant. William has led an uneventful life, mirroring his quiet maturity and stability. Jackie, on the other hand, has soared to heights as a famous pilot and enjoyed the freedom to do as she wanted without consideration to accepted conventions.

William tracked Jackie's life throughout her travels and triumphs. He even buys a whole town, with an air field, to lure Jackie into a partnership with him, vowing to keep her by his side. Even though she has difficulty seeing William as anything other than “little Billy” Montgomery, the passions that he arouses in her conflicts with everything her head tells her. This hero is rational, steady, and secure in his pursuit. All he has to do is convince Jackie to see him as the man in her life and accept him as her lover and life partner.

Their journey toward the HEA ending is filled with emotion, the ups and downs of true love. Their growing awareness of one another leads to a love that overcomes the obstacles that attempt to stifle their relationship.

If you have favorite "memorable gifts" that you would like to add from your treasure chest of memories, e-mail me or leave a message in the comment section below. Kiss and Tell is here to share the wonderful world of romance.

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