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Futuristics-"In-Death " Series: J. D. Robb

Writing as J.D. Robb, Nora Roberts has won new fans with her futuristic series of romantic crime novels. Read "Naked in Death", the novel that started it all and meet New York police lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke, my very favorite romantic hero.
When Eve Dallas gets involved with Roarke, a suspect in her lastest murder case, passion and seduction have rules all their own....
'a perfect balance of suspense, futuristic police procedural and steamy romance...truly fine entertainment...sure to leave you hungering for more...' Publisher's Weekly

Glory in Death

In the second of this futuristic mystery series, protagonist New York police Lieutenant Eve Dallas looks for a serial killer of prominent career women. Eve tenaciously follows the clues whether they imperil her romantic relationship with a millionaire or her beloved job. Truth and justice are the goals she works resolutely toward and that lead her finally to solve the case, save the life of a friend, and command the respect of her tall, dark, handsome lover. If the supporting characters are somewhat stereotypical and the ending easy to predict, the humor and imaginative slice of mid-21st-century life provide scope for the reader's talents.

Cristine McMurdo-Wallis gives an enjoyable performance as she adeptly portrays the energetic, idealistic, and dogged detective. She impersonates the characters with confidence and style, whether it is the crusty commander, the shattered daughter of one of the victims, the ambitious, uninhibited journalist, or Eve's cagey Irish lover. Recommended for mystery collections. (Reviewed by Juleigh Muirhead Clark, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Lib., Williamsburg, VA)

Immortal in Death

Another crime story featuring Eve Dallas, a police lieutenant in New York City - in the late-21st century. A top model has been murdered, her beautiful face smashed in. Eve takes on the case, putting her career on line because the prime suspect is her best friend, the other woman in the fatal love triangle. The victim of the brutal murder is a top model, one of the most sought after women in the world. Eve soon find out that the world of high fashion thrives on an all-consuming obsession for youth and fame, fed by the underworld of drugs that fulfill any desire. Has someone found the long sought after "fountain of youth"?

Robb portrays Eve's softer side, which comes out when she's forced to arrest her friend Mavis for the murder of a supermodel named Pandora. Eve knows Mavis couldn't have killed Pandora, even though she stood in the way of Mavis and her boyfriend, fashion designer Leonardo. But the evidence—Mavis is found at the scene of the crime, sporting scratch marks from Pandora—seems unequivocal. In the course of Eve's investigation, readers meet a number of intriguing characters, including a designer with a map tattooed onto his skull, a grumpy horticulturist and a slinky, lifelike drone (i.e., android).

As Romantic Times put it, the novel is "superbly suspenseful and strikingly original".

Rapture in Death

The year is 2056. mood-altering drugs are legal, prostitution is licensed, virtual-reality games have replaced TV sets for entertainment and New York supercop Eve Dallas continues her sleuthing in Robb's fourth installment in the Death series (Naked in Death, Glory in Death, etc.). This time around, Eve has married her soul mate, Roarke, and is caught up in the puzzling suicide of a technician who's been working on Roarke's unfinished space resort. The young tech, Eve learns, had cheerfully hanged himself after a VR trip. Back on Earth, autopsies from two similar suicides reveal a pin-sized burn on the brains of the victims. All clues point to a deadly subliminal message in a VR toy, one that Roarke produces.

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is drawn into the world of virtual reality-where the mind becomes the weapon of its own destruction.

Ceremony in Death

Eve Dallas is conducting a top secret investigation into the death of a fellow officer-but every clue brings her closer to the most seductive form of evil.

When a dead body is placed outside her home, Eve takes the warning personally. Her husband, Roarke is watching her every move and every step she takes makes her question her beliefs of right and wrong. This may well be the most dangerous case of her career.

"Wonderful...If ever there was a book for all tastes, this is the one. Affaire de Coeur

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