Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Silverlady's Hidden Treasures- Magic Moments

Magic Moments

Sometimes I'm reading a novel and a particular scene just takes my breath away. There's something happening that makes for a magical moment. Whether it's that big love scene or the moment of truth for the lead characters or the total surrender to love, it's always unforgettable.

You may recognize it by its dog-eared pages, by how often you share it with friends, or by the smile that lights your face as you remember it. You'll find yourself pulling it from your treasure chest of memories and enjoying it over and over again. Here are some of the magic moments stored in Silverlady's hidden treasures.

PARADISE, Judith McNaught

Matt Farrell thought his marriage to Meredith Bancroft ended eleven years ago. Now Meredith, a successful chain store CEO, is engaged to marry a stuffy banker. Whoops! It seems that the shyster lawyer her father hired to handle the divorce didn't get the job done. The "divorced" couple is still very much married. Matt remembers the shy, naive young girl that he married and their anticipation of the birth of their child. Although he can never forgive Meredith for dumping him and aborting her pregnancy, she still attracts him like no other. Matt decides to reclaim their eleven wasted years.

The pivotal scene occurs when he makes Meredith an offer he believes she can't refuse, if she wants a quick, discreet divorce. The setting is his posh office suite where he presents his terms for her consideration. Here's the deal Matt offers Meredith. He wants a week for every year he was denied. He wants a chance for them to get to know each other again. In addition, Meredith will receive a generous settlement of five million dollars. Matt speaks some of the most memorable lines in the book when he says "If you kiss me back, I'll make it six million. If you go to bed with me tonight and I'll give you the world. But, if you move in with me, I'll do much better than that. ... I'll give you paradise on a gold platter. Anything you want-everything you want. I come with it, of course. It's a package deal. ...Think about it." Enough said! For me, another gem for my treasure chest.

UNTIL YOU, Judith McNaught

Sheridan Bromleigh spent her early youth as a happy vagabond. In her girlish dreams, she envisioned a handsome baron holding her hand, pledging his eternal devotion or a prince holding her in his strong embrace. The prince would tell her that "If I had a hundred kingdoms, I would trade them all for you, my dearest love. I was nothing, until you..." Those days were in the distant past by the time Sheridan suffered a blow on the head which resulted in amnesia. She finds herself in the care of the Earl of Langford, Stephen Westmoreland, who comes to love her.

The plot twists and turns separating the couple through a misunderstanding and Stephen disavows his feelings for Sheridan. Although she tries to regain his love, he is cold and distant. Eventually, the path is cleared, they accept their love and finally marry. On their wedding night, Stephen gazes down at the woman who had just sent him to "unparalleled heights of desire and unequalled depths of satisfaction". His hand was holding hers...He'd never held a woman's hand at a time like this in his life...until now. He tries to tell her what he felt, to explain that he'd never know there were feelings like this...All he can manage to say is, "Until you...". The scene left me breathless.

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