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Historicals-Various Authors


The author weaves two independent story lines in this tale of mystery and romance. The mystery begins when a surprised Earl of Mulgrave, Richard Cameron, finds a pale, sweat-drenched woman in his bed, writhing during the agony of escalating labor pains. He recalls their brief illicit liaison and promises her he will care for her newborn child. When the new mother dies moments after the birth of her daughter, Richard bribes a priest into falsifying marriage records in order to support his parental claim. Through the passing years, Richard loves and cares for the child and is unaware that someone else lurks in the shadows waiting to claim the child as his. References to the "who's the father" mystery are sprinkled throughout the novel and aren't resolved until the book closes.

The romance begins when Richard meets intelligent, witty, free-spirited Anne Paget. He believes she's a scheming wench attempting to trap his young brother into a quick marriage. In this case of mistaken identity, Richard makes every effort to seduce bluestocking Anne and finds her responsive to his advances. When their indiscretions threaten Anne's reputation, Richard proposes marriage, but Anne stubbornly refuses him. I found myself laughing out loud at some of Anne's antics as she struggles to maintain her independence.

The author weaves a delightful tale of classic romance as Richard flames Anne's passion, secures her hand in marriage, and wins her heart. The elegant hero is sensitive, patient, and determined, the perfect mate for an endearing heroine who sparks electricity and sensuality. The characters are well drawn and spring to life with each turn of the page. Lively secondary characters keep you guessing about a variety of loose ends, until finally all the pieces fit together. It's a multi-textured must read, filled with realistic experiences, which will make you laugh and cry.

A Little Bit Sinful, Adrienne Basso

Eleanor Collins knows that her beautiful younger sister will have wealthy, powerful men falling at her feet in her first London season. But Eleanor is surprised to discover that one man's attentions are utterly focused on her. As delicious as Sebastian Dodd, Viscount Benton, finds the eldest Collins daughter, his true motive is darker than mere seduction. Until he has avenged his mother's death, he will be unable to think of anything else. Or so he believes, until he takes his first taste of Eleanor's inviting lips, and finds his mind - and his body - utterly consumed.

How To Seduce A Sinner, Adrienne Basso

Dorothea Ellingham is waiting for the man who can ignite a spark of consuming passion with just a kiss. For when that happens, she'll know she's found the one. But after three suitors miserably fail her test, she's about to lose all hope until she lays eyes on Viscount Carter Grayson. His devilish good looks and charm send her pulse racing - and when he kisses her, she finally finds what she's been craving.

Viscount Carter Grayson is in no hurry to wed. But when he meets Dorothea, he's captivated by the urgent need she sets off in him. Knowing he must have her, he proposes. But as they soon discover, a union forged on passion alone is never enough - and explosive desires can often lead to love.

THE PRIZE, Martine Berne

After spending twelve years in an English convent, Adrianna is summoned home. Her father died leaving his title and estate in gross financial difficulty. Her brother Giles arranges a marriage between Adrianna and an elderly, obese, lecherous neighbor. Giles expects ample compensation from the marriage, but his plans are thwarted when Adrianna is kidnapped. Scottish Laird Leith Campbell is out to reclaim articles belonging to his brother who was murdered by Adrianna's father. When the lovely young women stumbles upon him, prowling in her brother's study, Leith whisks her to his homeland.

While the Scots treat Adrianna with disdain and keep their distance, Leith is drawn to her beauty, charm, and pleasing manner. His lust for her grows until he attempts to take her in a moment of unguarded passion. Although she responds to his advances, Leith withdraws, yielding to his sense of honor. The couple is caught in a cat and mouse game until they recognize their love for one another. Enduring attempted murder, kidnapping and near rape causes these Leith and Adrianna, two lovable characters, to join together against the evil forces which threaten them.

I enjoyed this memorable, heartfelt novel. The sparks of electricity between the main characters manage to tease you until you just can't get enough. I'll bet you won't want to put it down until you reach the very end.

Victoria Malvey

Lucien St. Cyr enjoyed a carefree privileged life amid the splendor of England's elite. He meets lovely, lively Rosaleen while attending yet another weekend party and is immediately drawn to her beauty, intelligence and wit. Unfortunately, Rose is beset by heated gossip surrounding her and her family. She faces the slings and arrows tossed at her because of her parents scandalous past. Her mother, a former courtesan, was her father's mistress before they married.

Each time Lucien and Rose meet they are drawn closer together. Meanwhile, Lucien learns he is the bastard son of a notorious rake and a village maid. Disgusted by deception and long-standing lies, Lucien divorces himself from the loving couple that raised him. The pace escalates when a courtesan is murdered, Lucien becomes a suspect and Rose's mother is warned that she is the next victim. Lucien and Rose trace leads and confront suspects, racing against time to prevent the killer from striking again. A captivating read from start to finish.

LADY SARAH'S SON, Gayle Wilson

After an absence of several months, Lady Sarah Spencer brought a baby home to her father's house. The infant looked enough like her to be her son. Adding to the gossip swirling around her, Sarah broke her engagement to Justin Tolbert and broke his heart. Four years later, war hero Justin returns to claim his title as Earl of Wynfield and the massive debt his deceased brother left him.

When Lady Sarah proposes a marriage of convenience, Justin is persuaded to accept her as his wife and the child, Drew, as his son. Living together has the unlikely couple struggling to control the fiery passion that sizzles beneath the surface. A sinister blackmail attempt threatens their happiness and draws them closer together.

It's an extraordinary tale of love lost and love regained, with a sprinkling of turbulent emotion, betrayal and personal triumphs. A delightful read that tugs at the heartstrings.


Meet Elizabeth Thornton

Mary George, well-known as Elizabeth Thornton was born and educated in Aberdeen, Scotland, where she taught school for a number of years before establishing her own nursery school in 1967, St. Swithin Street Nursery School, an institution that is still going strong today.

In 1969, she and her husband then emigrated to Canada with their three young sons. She taught kindergarten and Grade One for a number of years in Winnipeg, Manitoba, before, in 1977 becoming a lay minister at a Presbyterian Church in Winnipeg. As part of her continuing education, she enrolled in evening classes at the University of Winnipeg to study Classical Greek. Five years later, having completed an Honor's thesis on Women in Euripides, she received her B.A. (Classics Gold Medalist).

After reading her first romance, a Regency byGeorgette Heyer, she was captivated by the genre. Hereafter, writing became her hobby. In 1987, her first book, a small Regency entitled, Bluestocking Bride, was published by Zebra books. Now, she is the author of twenty-four historical romances, and two novellas. She has been nominated for and received many awards including the Romantic Times Trophy Award for the best New Historical Regency Author and Best Historical Regency. Seven of her novels have been finalists in the Romance Writers of America Rita awards, Scarlet Angel, Strangers at Dawn, Princess Charming and The Perfect Princess, Shady Lady, The Marriage Trap, and The Bachelor Trap. Her books appear regularly on national best-selling lists and have been translated into many languages.

WHISPER HIS NAME, Elizabeth Thornton

Independent and stubbornly unmarried, Abbie Vayle has always been a little too smart for her own good. But she may have gone too far when she starts her own rare-book business-and accidentally acquires an antique book in Paris with a mysterious code scribbled in the margins....

Someone wants the book back-and is willing to kill to get it. The only trouble is, Abbie no longer has the book. It's locked away in the customs house in Dover. Now it's a race against time as Abbie stays one step ahead of her pursuers. The last person she wants to confide in is her best friend, Hugh Templar, whom she knows only as a formidable scholar who shares her passion for Roman antiquities.
But as Hugh keeps turning up where she least expects him, a few things begin to dawn on her....Not only is Hugh surprisingly-in fact incredibly-handsome without his glasses on, but he's strangely "professional" in how he handles her mysterious enemies.

Hugh is clearly not what he seems. And soon Abbie realizes that neither is she discovers what it means to love with all her heart and soul.

Bewitching Bride

When those around her begin meeting tragic fates, Kate Cameron knows she's next-until she's rescued by psychic Gavin Hepburn. But after a night of hiding together, Kate is branded a fallen woman and forced into marriage with Gavin-an arrangement that suits Gavin's purpose to do anything it takes to keep Kate safe from a killer haunting her past. For this enigmatic and lonely beauty has become the unexpected love of his life.

Gavin is a dashing hero who has a psychic 'gift.' When he sees Kate Cameron, he knows he is meant to help her, but Kate has secrets of her own. When she receives a mysterious note that promises blackmail, she tries to meet with a friend for help. But her friend is murdered and Kate ends up fleeing for her life and into the competent arms of Gavin and his outrageous and funny dog Macduff.  Kate's life is in danger and Gavin is irresistibly drawn to help her and protect her. But who is behind the attacks and will Kate ever reveal her 'secret' to him?

The Runaway McBride

James Burnett is a widower who's given up hope of finding someone to share his life with. He did, however, once have a lover he later dubbed Faithless McBride. For eight years, he'd suppressed thoughts of Faith McBride's abandonment with whiskey and women. That is, until visions of her imminent death started to haunt him. Only James can save her from a killer - but can Faith trust the one man who destroyed her faith in love?

The Scot and I

After a mysterious woman foils an assassination attempt on the Queen's life, Alex Hepburn, a psychic agent for Her Majesty's Secret Service, recognizes the bold beauty as a conspirator he's been hunting for years.

Murder, treachery, and intrigue are driving forces in this action-packed, cleverly plotted story that pairs a brilliant, calculating, relentless hero with a passionate, courageous heroine and lets the adventure begin.

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