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Meet Author Brenda Jackson

National best-selling author Brenda Jackson lives in the city where she was born, Jacksonville, FL. She began writing while in the eighth grade at Northwestern Junior High School, sharing her hand-written stories with fellow classmates. She is a graduate of William M. Raines High School and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Jacksonville University. She has been married for thirty-seven years to her high school sweetheart, Gerald, and they have two sons. Gerald Jr. and Brandon, ages thirty and twenty-eight, respectively. She's retired after 37 years in management for a major insurance company and is now writing full-time and enjoying every minute of it. She is also a member of the First Coast Chapter of Romance Writers of America, and is a founding member of the national chapter of Women Writers of Color.

Mrs. Jackson began her professional writing career in 1994 with Kensington Arabesque. Her first book, Tonight and Forever, became a huge success, introducing the Madaris Family. Over the years she's introduced other families in various series, e.g. the Bennetts, the Westmorelands, the Savoys, and the Steeles. A listing of all her books can be found on her web site. She has received numerous awards and was a trail blazer being the first African-American author to publish under the Harlequin/Silhouette Desire line and the first one to make USA Today's Bestseller's List and the New York Times Bestseller's list for series romance genre. Brenda Jackson has written for St. Martin's Press, BET, Kensington, NAL, Harlequin/Silhoutte and Harlequin Kimani Romance. She recently signed a five year contract to write for Harlequin exclusively.

Ms. Jackson has given readers hours of enjoyment with her romantic stories.TRUE LOVE is her ninth book. Her other books for Arabesque include TONIGHT and FOREVER, WHISPERED PROMISES, ETERNALLY YOURS, ONE SPECIAL MOMENT, FIRE and DESIRE, and SECRET LOVE. ONE SPECIAL MOMENT is the winner of Romantic Times Best Multicultural Romance of 1998. Her other work is included in two anthologies: CUPID'S BOW in "A VALENTINE'S KISS Anthology- and TRULY EVERLASTING in SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE HOLIDAY Anthology.

Photo: Silverlady meets Brenda Jackson
RWA Annual Conference-New York, N. Y.

Visit Brenda Jackson's web site at or write to her at BRENDA JACKSON, P.O. Box 28267, Jacksonville, FL 32226. If you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, you can get a response from the author and a copy of her newsletter.Her email address is

The Madris Saga
ISBN 1583144919

This book contains the first three complete stories that started the saga of the Madrais family continuing series: Tonight & Forever (currently out of print), Whispered Promises, and Eternally Yours. If you've read other books in the series and want to know how it all started, pick up this book. I've read every book in the series and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend any of these books to readers who want interesting characters set in compelling drama. Author Brenda Jackson has a way of always leaving you wanting more.

Tonight and Forever

Brenda Jackson launches her Madaris Family Saga with the touching love story of Dr. Justin Madrais, oldest of the dynamic Madrais brothers, and Lorren Jacobs. Justin lost his first wife, a woman he loved and cherished. After the end of the emotional roller coaster ride of an abusive marriage, Lorren returns to her hometown and meets Justin. Justin is attracted to Lorren at their first meeting. He believes that Lorren is a special woman that he can love. However, she is afraid to trust and hesitant to open up and enjoy life again. She soon finds that Justin Madaris is just what the doctor ordered. He has all the right prescriptions to meet her needs. In just one night, both of them discover that they are meant to be together—that night and forever.

After her marriage ends in bitter divorce, all Lorren Jacobs wants is to leave California behind. Returning to her roots in Texas seems to be just what the doctor ordered…until she meets real-life physician Justin Madaris. Lorren has vowed never to give her heart to another man, but she can't stop herself from responding to the handsome widower's sensuous whispers of love….

Justin thought no woman could ever move him as deeply as his wife had. Until Lorren. She rekindles a desire he never believed he'd feel again. But sharing a life together means letting go of the past. Somehow, Justin and Lorren must fight through the painful memories to fulfill the passionate promise of tomorrow….

The author confesses that this story is her favorite of all the books she's written. It's special, she says, because it was her first. I'll bet my last dollar that you'll find it's something special too

Whispered Promises
The second installment of the Madaris Family Saga introduces tall, dark, sexy Dex Madaris and his e-wife Caitlin. Unable to accept his daughter's marriage to Dex who is 11 years her senior, Caitlin's father forces her to choose between her love for her husband and her love for her father.

Called to her father's deathbed, Caitlin Madaris is stunned to find her ex-husband, Dex, there as well. As a flood of bittersweet memories fills Caitlin's heart, her father's real motive for the unexpected reunion comes to light--along with the secret Caitlin has harbored all this time.

Eternally Yours
In "Whispered Promises", Brenda Jackson introduced readers to Dex Madaris, a man in love with his ex-wife. In "Tonight and Forever", we met his brother Justin, a handsome widower fighting to forget the past. Now, in "Eternally Yours", a third Madaris brother, Clayton, takes center stage as a lady's man who begins to see love in a whole new light.

One Special Moment
Vowing never to get close to anyone, actor Sterling Hamilton places an ad for a woman who will marry him, give him a child, and then grant him a divorce, but when beautiful Colby Wingate implores him to help her brother's failing cosmetic company, he offers her marriage and unexpected passion explodes.

Secret Love
Handsome cattle baron Jacob Madaris reluctantly fulfills a poker pal's request to host beautiful actress Diamond Swain for a three-week respite at his sprawling Texas ranch, Whispering Pines. Worried that the star's arrival will disrupt the smooth operation of his successful business and distract his workers, Jake decides to keep Diamond's presence low-key. Although he has vowed to never let a sophisticate like his nasty ex-wife into his heart again, and Diamond's own bitter divorce from an abusive husband makes a romantic match with Jake unlikely, the requisite relationship develops. Confronted with unwanted media attention after eventually going public with their love, Jake and Diamond rely on the support of his large and loyal family. Jackson's (Fire and Desire) talent for character development imparts credibility to the otherwise improbable marriage that the couple manages to keep secret.
(Publisher's Weekly Review)

Fire and Desire

Stuck in South America on a business trip with Trevor Grant, foreman of Madaris Oil, geologist Corinthians Avery is led on an unexpected adventure, which includes a sultry night of passion that changes both their lives forever.

Marine Colonel Ashton Sinclair was first introduced in FIRE and DESIRE. Readers have asked for his story and Ms. Jackson brings it to you in SURRENDER, a special love story. Colonel Sinclair knows exactly what he wants-Netherland Broom for his wife. After a childhood spent moving from army base to army base, independent-minded Nettie Brooms is determined to secure a stable life - and never become involved with a military man. Then she meets incredibly handsome and charming Ashton Sinclair, a dedicated colonel in the U.S. Marines who's intent on capturing her heart - no matter what it takes.
The stubborn businesswoman has other ideas and she's vowed never to waste time on a man in the military. To her surprise, she quickly finds herself in Ashton's bed, fighting her body's growing response to his seductive charm. Now Nettie's wondering how a man she swore she would avoid could so easily test her resolve by igniting an irresistible passion she can't walk away.

Throughout the story, members of the Madrais family filter in and out, adding fuel to the burning fires of romance. An extra spark of interest is generated as several secondary characters travel the rocky journey to romance. When danger strikes friends and family pool their talents to diffuse a tense situation and Ashton and Nettie learn an enduring lesson about what's really important. Once again Brenda Jackson spins a winning tale filled with memorable characters, sizzling passion and unforgettable romance. Ashton Sinclair is a man to fill any woman's fantasy while Nettie Broom is the quintessential modern woman. Together, they create a special magic you won't want to miss.

One of the things I love about Ms. Jackson's romances is the opportunity to keep in touch with characters I've come to love. You'll meet Trent and Brenna again and visit those charming, sexy Madaris brothers. Check in on Christy Madaris and Alexander Maxwell and find out about Trevor and Corinthian's new offspring.

When Shayla Kirkland is hired at Chenault Electronics, she has only one thing in mind-revenge. She plans to use her new position to destroy the company and avenge the unjust dismissal of her mother. Handsome CEO Nicholas Chenault sparks Shayla's passion and quickly claims her heart. While Shayla fights her most irresistible desires, Nick must fight his own demons and learn to trust the woman who has captured his love.

Brenda Jackson does a masterful job of weaving a trio of loves stories together, uncovering a buried family secret and revisiting beloved friends and family from her previous novels. TRUE LOVE is a special love story with a strong, intelligent heroine and mesmerizing hero. Once again, Ms. Jackson pulls surprise after surprise out of her hat to captivate her readers. TRUE LOVE is first rate. You don't want to miss it!


Nationally renowned relationship expert Lance Montgomery bursts on the scene with his tantalizing new book The Playa's Handbook. The twice divorced author causes a stir with his "rules" which include "Playas "have sex"; they don't "make love" and "A woman can't use you if you use her first."

Friends Samuel Gunn and Phillip McKenna, both divorced, and recent widower Marcus Lowery take Lance's advice to heart. When they decide to put the rules to the test, they end up on one of the wildest rides of their lives. The author develops a clever story with interesting, believeable characters and surprise twists designed to portray the irrestible lure of true love. It's a fun ride.

The Midnight Hour
Bestselling author Brenda Jackson brings us another breathtaking novel featuring the Madaris family and friends. Now, in The Midnight Hour, we meet a dangerrous, unforgettable hero, CIA Agent Drake Warren, and his mysterious sexy new partner, Agent Victoria Green. Drake vowed never to love again after the death of fellow Marine Sandy Carroll, but his devotion to his former lover is tested when passion sizzles and desire won't be denied.

Life saving surgery gave Sandy Carroll a new face and identity---that of CIA operative Victoria Green. Bound by duty to keep her true identity a secret from Drake, Victoria struggles against the yearning she's denied for so long. Despite the deadly mission that has pulled them together, Drake begins to solve the mystery.

Don't miss this tension-packed read. Another winner from the pen of Brenda Jackson.

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