Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Gwynne Forster-Multicultural Romance

Fans of relationship dramas will enjoy these delightful contemporary romance novels. Crisp story lines, compelling characters, and believeable plots make each a treasure of its own. Enjoy author Gwynne Forster at her very best:
Passion's Price... Destination Love... Obsession... Naked Soul...
Fools Rush In... Against the Wind... Sealed With a Kiss

Passion's Price

Determined to prove herself to her siblings and her boss, Darlene Cunningham has made a name in the exciting, sometimes dangerous world of criminal law. When Darlene travels to Memphis in pursuit of a witness, the Maryland attorney doesn't expect to be under the surveillance of the rugged Tennessee cop who sets off sensual sparks from the moment they meet.

It's a one-two punch straight to his heart when the sultry beauty walks into the house Mike Raines is staking out. He can't let Darlene compromise his investigation. And he can't let her go. His desire is tempting the detective to break a few laws of his own - like the one that says never mix business with pleasure. But how can he resist the passionate woman who has changed his life? And whose love he'll risk any danger to claim?

Destination Love
A luxury cruise to Nova Scotia is the perfect sabbatical for overworked professor Sheri Stephens.especially when she's spending her nights in the arms of a sensual stranger. Sheri surrenders completely to this magical interlude on the high seas, never dreaming that her lover isn't who he seems. Or that he has an agenda of his own.
Sheri may be beautiful, but Dalton's never forgotten how she stood in the way of his academic success or forgiven her for it. Now he's ready to take sweet revenge. He'll seduce the gorgeous professor on the moonlit waters and at every port of call. But his plans go awry when he starts falling for Sheri.

Can she forgive his deception? Can he let go of the past? And more importantly, is their bond strong enough to take them to their final destination.a love worth fighting for?

Gwynne Forster weaves a unforgettable tale of two men captivated by one woman which leads to an explosive triangle of desire. Selena Sutton left Wall Street and her lucrative career as a stockbroker behind. After her relocation to Waverly, TX, she resists the advances of the local playboy, Prince Cooper. When she suffers through an illness precipitated by Prince's careless disregard for her welfare, Mangus Cooper cares for her, providing shelter, protection, and heated passion that takes her breath away. Desparate to have the family of her dreams, Selena accepts Mangus' offer of marriage. Now Mangus must handle his ruthless, spoiled brother's obsession with his beautiful bride while convincing her of his undying love.

Della Murray must resolve her childhood trauma while focusing on her executive position with the United Nations. As a powerful figure, associating with heads of state and high level ambassadors,she's tempted to seek security in the arms of Ambassador Craig Radcliff. Della fights her feelings for Luke McKnight, the man she believes is a common laborer. His patience, persistence, and overpowering love overcome every obstacle until Della joins him in the mating of their souls.

Recently divorced Duncan Banks needs a nanny for his one-year-old-adopted daughter, Tonya. Justine Montgomery is well educated, refined, and much too attractive. Justine will do anything to be near the baby she gave up for adoption, even at the risk of losing Duncan's new found love. The author is a master at zeroing in on interpersonal relationships and weaving a winning tale of redemption and love.


Gwynne Forster's first interracial romance novel joins her growing sucession of best-selling multicultural love stories. Leslie Collins is on the run from a stalker, recently release from prison. She finds refuge working as a cook at Jordan Saber's Virginia farm. Both Leslie and Jordan are surprised by their mutual attraction. This wonderful story explores the complexities of interracial love, but does not dwell unduly on the racial issue. The characters are exciting and appealing, from the independent heroine to the protective hero. It's another entertaining hit from this talented writer.

Naomi Logan, a commercial artist, tackles creative, sexy call in radio host Rufus Meade in this powerful story of love. Rufus, raising four year old twin sons alone, has his own views on women and their role in the family. Naomi has a rebuttal response which leads to conflict between them. As Naomi and Rufus struggle to keep their relationship impersonal, undeniable attraction is pulling them closer together. Shocking secrets from the past can bring heartbreak for two very different people who have fallen in love.

About Gwynne Forster
Gwynne Forster was born in North Carolina, grew up in Washington, D. C., and has lived, studied and worked in New York City ever since she came of voting age. She considers herself a humanitarian, a perspective that she inherited from her mother, a high school principal, and which she also attributes to her work and education in the social sciences, more specifically, demography. Her fiction writing reflects her training in the sociology of the family and her understanding of inter-personal relations. It should not be surprising then, that quite a few of Gwynne's novels and novellas are set within the context of the family.

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