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Historicals: Meet Author Julie Beard

Meet Author Julie Beard
Passionate, vibrant, and unique. Those words best describe the historical romances written by USA Today bestselling author Julie Beard. Critics and readers alike praise Julie for her ability to create living, breathing characters in historical settings so vividly drawn they come alive.

Julie's first medieval novel was published by Berkley in 1994. Her first non-fiction book was released in 2000, the critically acclaimed "how to" book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Your Romance Published.'' Julie's first Victorian romance, The Duchess' Lover, is an April 2002 release. It's a sensual tale of sexual and personal awakening, featuring an older noblewoman who falls in love with her young gardener. It's hot, hot, hot! And poignant, as well.
In addition to being a writer, Julie has been a television journalist and reporter at WFRV-TV in Green Bay, WI and KSDK-TV in St. Louis, MO. She worked as a news writer and associate producer at WFLD-TV, the Fox Network affiliate in Chicago. Prior to her career in broadcasting, she appeared in numerous television commercials and performed at the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis as an actress. Julie has her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri and a master's degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Julie currently lives in a suburb of St. Louis. In March 2000, Julie, along with her husband and son, made a journey of love to Chengdu, China, to adopt four year old Tu Jing. She is happy, healthy, loving, and already very much attached to her new family.

I had the pleasure of introducing Julie at a Writers' Conference sponsored by Love Designers Writers' Club, Inc., publishers of RENDEZVOUS literary magazine. Her session, "How to Write a Page Turner", was packed with aspiring writers and published authors alike and the presentation was chocked full of helpful information. I was thrilled to have the author autograph my personal copy of MY FAIR LORD.


Julie Beard's historical romance MY FAIR LORD is a masterful blend of Pymaglyion in reverse, the classic marriage of convenience, with just a touch of the paranormal.

Prim heroine Caroline Wainwright faces the loss of her estate to her brother, George, unless she is wed within a week, prior to her twenty-fifth birthday. Previous suitors were terrorized and run off by the ghost of Lord Barrett Hamilton, that haunts her estate. In desperation, she turns to her deceased father's loyal friend, Teddy Cavendish, to solve her dilemma. "Uncle" Teddy persuades horse thief Lucas Davin to enter an arranged marriage to Caroline. This cunning rogue is dangerous, but charming, crude in manner, but, steadfast and loyal to his friends. Caroline, Teddy, and the faithful governess work diligently to change Lucas into an appropriately mannerable lord of the manor.

Delivishly attractive Lucas Davin is in fact the son and heir of the neighboring earl. He, like Caroline, is protective of those he loves. He receives an allowance as part of his marriage bargain,which he uses to fund his band of theives and negate the need for the group to continue robbing and stealing. He comes to care for Caroline and stands fast as the ghost attempts to send him running. Lucas is determined to protect his bride from any harm. Oddly enough, the unlikely couple is well matched and totally likeable. You'll find yourself genuinely concerned about their feelings and wind up urging them on to a successful conclusion.

MY FAIR LORD is entertaining, well written, and chocked full of diverse, interesting characters. The supernatural twist gives it an extra level of suspense and the fast-paced plot will have you racing to an exciting conclusion.

The Duchess' Lover

Though only 40, newly widowed Olivia, Duchess of Brandhurst, has already spent more than half her life in a horrible marriage. She'd been trapped for 22 years by a cruel combination of fear and society's expectations in a stifling facade of Victorian respectability that hid her husband's unfaithfulness and unspeakable desires.

But Olivia's widowhood hides its own secrets. It seems that she alone realizes that the duke was murdered. And she is astounded by the intensity of her passionate response to Will Barnes, the handsome artist who'd come to design her husband's funeral plot. She knows that an alliance between a gardener's son and a highborn lady is unthinkable. But, when Olivia's freedom is threatened after the duke's murder comes to light, Will is her only hope. Despite whatever heartbreak their reunion might bring, Will must find a way to set Olivia free from her past, whether or not she chooses afterward to make The Duchess' Lover her own true love.

Midnight Angel

Lady Lydia Beaumont may seem like the perfect lady, but she has a secret that could destroy her flawless reputation. She spends her nights disguised as the Midnight Angel, prowling through London's seediest parts to save unfortunate women from the dangers of the streets. But when a 14-year-old girl is kidnapped, she must turn to a man who once stole her heart-and nearly ruined her life.

"Julie Beard writes intelligent romances brimming with emotion and sensuality."
Joan Johnston

Very Truly Yours
When some mysterious letters are delivered to Jack Fairchild's law office, he sets out to find the young lady who wrote them-and rescue her from a frightful predicament.

"Julie Beard has a true gift for bringing the past to life."
Susan Wiggs

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