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Meet Author Gwynne Forster

Gwynne Forster is an award-winning, best-selling author of ethnic (African-American)and non-ethnic, single title long contemporary novels and novellas. Her 1999-2000 releases include SWEPT AWAY, AGAINST THE WIND,FOOLS RUSH IN, NAKED SOUL, and BEYOND DESIRE. Her novel ECSTASY, was winner of the Affaire de Coueur Critics Award and voted Best Contemporary Ethnic Romance of 1997. Ms. Foster was chosen one of ten Favorite Authors among all romance authors with books published in 1997. Three earlier romances, OBSESSION, AGAINST ALL ODDS, and SEALED WITH A KISS, were released in July 1997, September 1996, and October 1995 respectively.

Since becoming a published author of romance novels, Gwynne has lectured on various phases of the writing business, including Romantic Times Conferences, Romance Writers of America annual conferences, African American Women Writers Conference at University of District of Columbia, the annual convention of Waldenbooks managers, and at many branch libraries of the (New York City) Queens Borough Library system, to name just a few. Ms. Forster is also a free-lance journalist. Her latest article is a profile of Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General, the cover story of the April/May issue of Crisis Magazine. Crisis is the media organ of the NAACP.

Gwynne was born in North Carolina and grew up in Washington, D. C. where she lived before going to New York to work as a demographer at the United Nations. When she left the UN for form a working partnership with her husband, she was chief of the Fertility Studies Section of the Population Division. As such, she was responsible for research and analysis of social, economic, cultural, and demographic factors and conditions that influence fertility levels and trends throughout the world. The studies were published under the UN imprimatur and in the name of its Secretary-General.

She holds a bachelors and masters degrees in sociology and a masters degree in economics/demography, as well as graduate credits from Columbia University. Her extensive travels for the UN and, later, for the International Planned Parenthood Federation (London Office) have taken her to Brazil, Mexico, many European countries, and throughout Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Her work on these trips included representing the Secretary-General of the United Nations, lecturing, conducting workshops and delivering research or policy papers at conferences.

Ms. Forster lives in New York City with her husband (who is also a demographer) of twenty-five years. She enjoys gardening, jazz, opera and other classical music and loves to sing. Gwynne, a gourmet cook, loves to entertain at small dinner parties.


Amanda Ross is thrilled when she is appointed junior high school principal in Caution Point, North Carolina. But her promotion will only be a pipe dream if the board of education discovers that she's pregnant--and single. She never expected her baby's father to desert her, but explanations won't satisfy a small town's rumor mill. A husband is what she needs, and handsome music engineer Marcus Hickson looks like a practical answer to her problem.

Embittered by his ex-wife's selfish and cruel behavior, Marcus told himself he'd never marry again. That is, until the doctors inform him that his injuried daughter need immediate surgery, and Amanda-financially independent from a large inheritance-offers to pay the huge medical bills...if he'll be her husband. Desperate, Marcus agrees, as long as their "arrangement" is kept strictly business. But days and nights under the same roof soon ignite mutual desire. Now, Marcus and Amanda's marriage of convenience has become an affair of the heart...and a deception that endangers everything they hold dear.


Award winning author Gwynne Forster presents a captivating, heart wrenching contemporary romance about two down-to-earth people working their way through life's daily dramas and love's burning passion, while coping with emotional baggage from past relationships. Ms. Forster introduces heroine Kate Middleton, newly widowed by the death of her controlling, manipulative husband. Embracing her newfound autonomy, Kate relocates to Virginia hoping to build a new life for herself and her young son. Managing her own bookstore gives her the opportunity to prove her capabilities to herself and her ex-husband's family.

When she's rescued by Detective Captain Luke Hickson after a robbery, the chemistry between them is immediate and devastating. Luke believes that the crime is more than an ordinary stickup. Even under Luke's watchful eye, Kate finds herself a victim in a series of subsequent incidents that threaten her safety. As Luke and Kate work together to unravel this mystery, they are enveloped in the sensual awareness stirred by their tantalizing kisses and intimate embraces.

Once again, Gwynne Forster provides her reader with an irresistible mixture of compelling drama, tingling suspense, and steamy passion. Meeting some of the characters from her novel, BEYOND DESIRE, is an added plus, like meeting old friends. SECRET DESIRE showcases her talent as a writer and highlights her flair for romantic adventure.

Only surgeon Mason Fenwick has the skills to perform the delicate operation that can keep schoolteacher Jeannetta Rollins from losing her eyesight. However, the brilliant doctor left medicine after an unavoidable tragedy and refuses to take her case. Jeannetta books herself on a guided tour through the travel agency Mason Fenwick now owns and digs her heels, refusing to admit defeat. Mason finds Jeannetta irresistible and they find ecstasy in each other's arms. Now he must face demons from his past that fill him with self doubt and seek to triumph over the odds.

The novel is an unforgettable treasure. I found myself taken with the likeable characters and personally involved in their developing relationship. Ms. Forster is a master at detailing a love affair, peeling away the layers until you see directly into the hearts of the hero and heroine. You find yourself experiencing their joy and pain and exhalting in their triumphs. Don't miss memorable love story.

Child Advocate Schyler Henderson rips agency head Veronica Overton for the fumbled placement of a foster child into a bad home. While he concedes Veronica's dedication and concern for the welfare of children, Schyler refuses to yield an inch on child care issues and takes the agency to court for negligence. As their attraction grows, the couple is tested by new information about their family tree. It's an exciting plot that focuses on real issues and presents determined, realistic characters. The gripping sexual tension taunts you until passion finds its release and the battling couple find their way to love and commitment. As always, Gwynne Forster spins another captivating tale with her usual touch of class.

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